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led lighting

led lighting


LED Panel Light 40watt


Our 40Watt 595mm x 595mm LED Panel fitting would look better and more efficent in any rooms, offics andsupper markets. It offers best quality light output. The white colorcoated and aluminium frame, making sure long life and a consistent light output.This fitting will produce a light output equal to a 4x18w=72w fluourescent modular but only consumes 40 watts of electricity which is very efficent. It comes complete with an external LED driver which will ensure the long lifespan of this more flickering .This fitting offers a beam angle of 110 degrees and comes in 2 colors warm white (4500k) and coolwhite daylight (6000k) These fittings require ZERO maintenance and no more buying and replacing fuse tubes. emergency packs are available if required.

Please contact us for our latest stock and specifications.
All LED fittings come with a 2 Year Warranty Price start from £18+VAT

Huge range of LED lighting and fittings on the market can be very confusing,its hard to choose right product so if you’d like any advice. Please don't hesitate to call us on: 01414295663 or 01414298595 or email us

we are Glasgow base trade supplier to public you can trust. We only source from trusted manufacturers who use high quality components and the best designs. We are proud to offer a market leading 2 Year Warranty on all our LED lights.

Special prices are available to ELECTRICIANS &; WHOLESALE please call us on 01414295663 or 01414298595

 led lighting

Round Lights


Available in a 2 colours temperatures including warm white and cool white to suit your need, this energy efficient 24W round LED panel light its full brightness as soon as you switch it on. Simple to fit, this round LED panel light fits into the ceiling to create a sleek and nice look such as offices, bathrooms, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons and more.PRICE START FROM £12+VAT What’s more, this high quality round LED panel light boasts an incredible lifespan of 30,000 hours so not only will you be saving money on lamp replacement costs, but it cut down your electric bills too.
 round lights

Slim 50watt Flood lights


Available in White (6000k) , Warm White (4500k) and 5 color RGB Light . color coated Best Quality aluminium alloy body and Corrosion Resistant Built in Power supply,PIR Sensor Movement Detector – Optional Widely used for Lighting Driveways,Gardens & Buildings, Plazas,Sports Grounds & Parking Lots PRICE START FROM £20+VAT
 led lighting

100 Watt Slim Flood


Available in White (6000k) , Warm White (4500k) and 5 color RGB Light. color coated best Quality aluminium alloy body Corrosion Resistant Built in Power supply,PIR Sensor Movement Detector – Optional Widely used for Lighting Driveways,Gardens & Buildings,Plazas,Sports Grounds & Parking Lots PRICE START FROM £27+VAT
 led lighting


30 Watt Down Light


Our 30w,40w and 50w led downlights to give you the best possible lighting experience whilst at the same time providing you with a cost effective, environmentally friendly product. led downlight comes included with its own driver, and uses mains standard input voltage. This is a maintenance free light fitting that once installed will give you 50,000 hours of money and energy savings.

This is a higher powered LED, and with a beam angle of 120° it will illuminate a larger area than some of our lower-wattage integrated downlights, often being used as the primary lightsource. use for Offices, Supermarkets, Showrooms, Hallways. 30w led down light is equivalent to a 250W halogen in terms of light production but it will give you good savings on your bill.

Once installed, your new downlight will effectively pay for itself within 6 months, recovering the cost from the dramtic savings on your energy bill you will continue to save for years to come.PRICE STAR FROM £18+VAT

 led lighting


High Bay Lights


In the short term, industrial organisations in the United Kingdom stand to benefit the most through upgrading their OLD BIG lighting to LED HIGHBAY LIGHTS.

Long working hours combined with outdated, high-wattage, industrial NORMAL lighting running cost is so high so by installing HIGHBAY LED LIGHTING INDUSTRAIL INVIREMENT guarantee your enterprises annual energy savings of between 65-80%.

LED lighting brings better light quality AND comfort. When people SEE better they work better, which means increaseING productivity.HIGH BAY LED LIGHT COME IN 50w,100w,150w and 200w , you’ll appreciate the health and safety benefits of lighting solutions , no MORE dark patches .

PRICE START FROM £45+VAT Our product warranties offer 2 years with almost zero maintenance requirements. we have BEST experience to supply your organisation with a quality service.

 led lighting


GU10 Lights


Our GU10 LED bulbs They're intelligently designed to considerably reduce energy consumption by up to 90% and are available in both Cool and Warm White options. Using only 4 watts of power these energy efficient GU10 bulbs compare in brightness to a 40 watt bulb yet consume significantly less electricity.

This eco-plastic 18 SMD GU10 bulb features a 60-degree beam angle; designed to output the widest beam angle available of any SMD bulb on the market today. This GU10 bulb will install into any GU10 socket with an input voltage of AC200-240V and is designed for any domestic, commercial or retail installations. Using only 10% of the energy when compared to the older style bulbs, thereby offering significant savings that consumers simply cannot ignore in the long run.

Lasting 50,000 hours compared to a halogen lamp which last 2000 hours, these bulbs pay for themselves within six months of installation. Homeowners and businesses can now go years without the hassle of having to change bulbs. These LED equivalents feature shock and vibration resistant technology. so they run considerably cooler than standard filament bulbs.

Recent advances in LEDs, household electrical consumption from lighting products is being greatly reduced when using low-energy LED lighting. The 18 SMD LUX GU10 LED bulb offers consumers a cost effective SMD light bulb with all the benefits and limited drawbacks. PRICE STAR FROM £1.99+VAT

 led lighting