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The ISKANDAR lives its life with one desire... to CONQUER. The ISKANDAR range represent the pinnicle of PC Gaming, the top dawg, if you like. With the worlds most powerful GPU and lightning fast processors amoung their arsenal, they are formidable indeed. Whether you seek unimaginably immersive VR experiences, Endless 4K ULTRA HD gaming or are a hardcore photo and video editor, ISKANDAR will conquer all fronts. Available in i7 and ryzen 7 1800x models.   

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  1. INTEL I7-7700K
    Sale Price: £1,489.11

    The ISKANDAR i7 is a beast, an affordable one too.Perfect for those looking for an Elite level gaming system but on a budget. Experience Gorgeous 4K visuals driven by its 1080 Ti graphics card and powerful i7 7700K processor.Whether you are eyeing the esports stage, are after an Immersive VR experience beyond comparison, the ISKANDAR i7 Elite gaming system will conquer all fronts.

  2. AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPU 16GB MEMORY
    Sale Price: £1,845.87

    The ISKANDER Ryzen 7 is the ultimate conqueror.Tear through the battlefield in peerless 4K visuals with its GTX 1080TI graphics and powerful Ryzen 7 1800X Processor. Whether you dream of challenging esports, or are simply after one hell of an immersive VR experience, the ISKANDAR Ryzen 7 will conquer all fronts.

    Sale Price: £3,035.43

    The ISKANDAR KING OF CONQUERORS will plunge you into an entirely new realm of gaming where the virtual and ficticous become a reality..

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