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Gaming PC Under 800 Pounds

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  2.  AMD 8 Core Gaming - 4GB OC Graphic - 1TB HDD - 16GB RAM - 240GB SSD - 650Watt 80+  Windows 10 Gaming PC
    Sale Price: £730.60

    The AMD COMMANDO is a fantastic budget high-end gaming system. It's powerful 8 core processor combined with the NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX graphics card make it a formidable soldier. It has been tested to run all of the latest releases including COD, GTA 5 and Overwatch at 60FPS+ at full HD. It features a 240 GB SSD enabling rapid boot-up times as well as an ample 1TB secondary hard drive allowing plenty of room for all your games.The system even comes with windows 10 64 Bit installed!

  3. Max
    Sale Price: £660.10

    Striving for esports on a budget? We present Chevalier as your noble steed! The Chevalier is a fantastic option for indivuals seeking  a budget price high end system.Its lethal Radeon RX 460 AMD 8-CORE FX-8350 combo enables the Chevalier to storm past not only 60 FPS,but 90 FPS with High settings at 1080p resolution. 

  4. INTEL I5 6600K 1151 16GB MEMORY
    Sale Price: £894.38

    The ASSASIN i5 RX is a powerful budget high-end gaming system. It features the powerful overclockable INTEL I5 6600K processor, making it great for photo and video editing tasks alongside your gaming. It is the ideal system for playing League of Legends, Overwatch, and DOTA 2 on silky smooth, low-latency 1080 HD resolutions at virtually any framerate! 16 GB RAM, as well as a 1TB secondary hard drive, allowing plenty of room to store your games. It also features a 240GB SSD, which delivers rapid boot up times so you can dive right into the action!

    Sale Price: £657.34

    The i5 WARRIOR is a powerful budget high end system. Its GeForce®GTX 1050 Ti StormX graphics card and intel i5 combination cater for  fantastic full HD 60FPS performances in all the latest triple titles including PREY,Outlast 2 and  Mass Effect: Andromeda. The system also delivers rapid boot up times thanks to its 120 GB SSD.


  6. jh
    Sale Price: £835.92

    Up for some Virtual Reality Gaming but on a tight Budget? No worries, we've got you covered. With the Budget computers VR system you too can discover the immersive worlds of virtual reality and experience stunning visuals all without having to break the bank on the PC.

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