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10/100 base t pci network card

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10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet PCI Adapter is a Full Duplex Gigabit Ethernet adapter designed with highly integrated components to optimize cost and performance. The adapter interfaces to the system via the PCI bus and connects to the network using a 4-pair CAT-5 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable for distances of up to 100m. The 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet PCI Adapter supports jumbo frames for full duplex Fast & Gigabit Ethernet.

An additional function called 'LARGE SEND' is now available. This function offloads the TCP resegmentation operation from the AIX IP layer to the adapter for outgoing (transmit side) TCP segments. This function is only available on AIX version 5.1 with AIX Update CD LCD4-1103-01 or later.

AIX's Network Install Manager (NIM) boot capability is supported with this adapter provided your system firmware is at the proper support level. Systems manufactured prior to July, 2001 may require a firmware update.

Note: For optimum performance, adapter should be placed in a 64 bit PCI card slot.

Limitation: The 1,000 Mbps speed is not supported in Half Duplex (HDX) mode.

  • Attributes provided: One full-duplex 1000Base-T UTP connection to a Gigabit Ethernet LAN.
  • Attributes required: One available PCI card slot
  • For 7040-61D: (#2975)
    • Minimum required: 0
    • Maximum allowed: 10 (Initial order maximum: 0)
    • OS level required: AIX 5.1 or later.
    • Initial Order/MES/Both/Supported: MES

    Note: Maximum of five adapters per #6563 PCI planar.

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